Web Video

Magmawave’s core and history are bonded with cinema and web.
The value-added of our Film Department will be at your service to create a presentation of you and your products.
Why should you have an institutional video? Because Youtube is the second most used search engine in the world and a video is more immediate to broaden your message

We can offer you any type of video and duration, using audio and video footage owned by you, filmed by us or free to use – without copyright.

Some examples:

Industrial Video

as for “LaPiĆ©”. In this video we promoted a new food franchising of “piadine” which is having a huge success in Northern Italy.

Product Industrial Video

as for “Sorriso Veloce”. In this particular case the promotion focuses on a specific service called “faccette dentali”.

Slideshow Video

as for “De Agostini Dental”. We used pictures taken from a photographic session (by Magmawave) in order to make a slideshow with an additional voice over, delivering a product in shorter time and cheaper costs.

Motion Graphics Video

as for “EuroGROUP”, where we used only animation of icons and images. This product is presented in less than a minute for the nationl convention of EuroGROUP employees.

Backstage Teaser Video

as for “Maschi Contro Femmine”, where we used original footage shot by us of the Fausto Brizzi’s film “Maschi Contro Femmine” film – we created a “viral” version of the backstage, to create a buzz for the film, which was a box-office hit, before it came out in theaters.