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    The data you provide when filling out our basic information form (name and phone number) will be used only to contact you about your needs and to create the database of MCV Communications, Inc. Your data will never transferred to third parties. You can request the removal of your data from the database by simply sending an email to info@magmawave.com with “UNSUSCRIBE“, in the subject line. Be sure to include your first and last names in the body of the email.
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    This website was created by MCV Communications, Inc. for informational purposes. By utilizing this website you agree to its conditions of use. MagmaWave.com can update the conditions of use at any time without notice. The latest version of the operating conditions can be viewed by clicking on the “Terms of Use” link at the bottom of the website.
    The contents of this site do not constitute professional telecommunications advice and exist only to inform the visitor of the services offered by MCV Communications Inc.
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    The conditions of use require that the site cannot be used for purposes which are illegal or that violate the conditions of use. The site should not be used in ways that could damage, disable, overburden, or impair the servers or networks of MagmaWave.com and its associates.
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    • Privacy
      MCV Communication Inc., responsible for personal data treatment, wants to provide, within the meaning and effect of art. 13 of legislative decree June 30, 2003, n. 196 entitled About protection of personal data (hereafter called «Code»), some information about the finalities, the mode and the environment of communication and personal data diffusion for spontaneously-provided data by the user through letter, fax, hand-delivery and form-compilation on the website www.magmawave.com.
      Spontaneously-provided personal data will be treated in conformity of the law.
      • Finality of the treatment
        Personal data treatment (collection, registration, organization, use and communication), is solely finalized to the management and use of personal data with informational purpose about the services provided by MCV Communication Inc.
      • Modes of data treatment
        About the finalities indicated above, personal data treatment occurs through manual, informatic and telematic instruments with a logic related to the finalities themselves and guaranteeing safety and discretion of the data. Data will be stored in the Magmawave.com server the amount of time necessary to pursue the service.
        Non-sensible personal data could be communicated for the already illustrated pursue of information and the fulfillment of contractual or law-related obligation to: employees and internal or external collaborators MCV Communication Inc. use to fulfill the necessaries activities.
        Personal data will be diffused in any circumstance.
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