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We will build your corporate image with you.

You will talk to us about your activity and we will study your needs, we will decide which platform to use and how to set up the sitemap, we will choose pictures and content and we will deliver a practical product, of which you will be given the access key.

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You will be able to manage the contents and the web 2.0 platforms independently. If you wish we will be available anytime to help you with your web-experience.

You will never see Flash in our websites.

Why? Because Google doesn’t track flash-based websites (and we all know how much tracking is basic), you can’t view flash websites on tablets and smartphones and it can’t be updated independently – alternative is very expensive.

Why we are against Flash.


La necessità di un sito multilingua è fondamentale, soprattutto oggi che viviamo in una società globalizzata e multiculturale

Through the software we use on our website and the collaboration of external translators we deliver turnkey multi-lingual websites which will
let you internationalize your users.
We generally deliver website in Italian and English but we can localize them in every language needed. Why should one limit his strategy to local business when he could have clients wordwidely?


The brand is the core of your firm, its distinctive mark, it’s that thing that makes is unique.

We will create your brand with you, in a way that will reflect your philosophy effectively and univocally.
We will study a restyling, which will give fashion and freshness to your image.
We will manage your image entirely, coordinating is with every aspect of your business communication.

Market research

The world of business does not give you any space to improvise.

With our research and market analysis (quantitative and qualitative) you will probe the consumers’ behaviour, you will understand if new markets are convenient and if it’s time to make critical choices about products, distribution, promotional techniques, investments and communication effectiveness.Results will be presented to you in a clear and comprehensible way through a report which will make the decision-making process easier for you and your team.


A well-designed website, which catchy graphics and well-written texts, can yet result not so efficient if the people looking for you can’t find you on Google.

We work on natural positioning or organical – the left side of results in page results. Our commitment is to focus on the best keywords for your activity. We will choose them and analyse them together and after that, in a constant workflow, we will use them to improve your website and take it on the first page of results in all search engines.


is the acronym for Search Engine Marketing and indicates all the web marketing activities done to generate quality web traffic (users actually interested in your services) through your websites. They comprehend the purchase of advertisement space on different online channels and Google AdWords campaigns, of which we are specialized and certified.

This type of actions allows to hit the core of your target and measure your expenses and your revenues, evaluating the actual ROI (Return On Investment).

Web Video

Most of the times images have more value than words. Why don’t you use them to present your business?
Video, just as much as advertising, blogging and webdesigning is a pillar of new media. Your firm, illustrated in a web video embedded on your website, on Youtube and lots of other channels, will acquire visibility and prestige.

Our competence in the field stems from the great expertise of Magmawave Film, both in United States and in Italy.

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