Eurogroup Motivational Video – A Big Success

Written by MW Web on February 8th, 2012. Posted in blognews

Accepting challenges and overcoming them: this is our job. Our staff, thanks to the direction by Daniel McVicar, has produced the motivational video for the EuroGROUP Annual Conference, which took place on December 16th 2011 at Palavela in Turin. EuroGROUP is an Italian firm specialized in credit warranty services, facilitated financing and business consulting.
Magmawave gave the best delivering a high-quality product which includes special effects and motion graphics in very little time. Have fun!

Why We Don’t Use Flash

Written by MW Web on January 19th, 2012. Posted in blognews

We don’t use Flash, and you’ll never see it implemented on our site. This is because:

  • According to several surveys, many users dislike sites that use Flash.
  • Though sites with Flash intro pages can be eye-catching, 90% of people end up clicking “Skip Intro” anyway.
  • A Flash site can be difficult to find on Google — and these days, position on Google SERP is fundamental.
  • A Flash site is only configurable and manageable by the customer with a dedicated interface, which is not economical. Imagine a CMS has been created to manage your Flash site, and your original web designer is unavailable. A seemingly simple change, like a new phone number, can require you to create the site again from scratch.
  • Flash is not compatible with many mobile devices. iPhone, iPod and iPad users, for instance, cannot view Flash sites.
  • Flash sites rarely get validation from the W3C international consortium.